Executive Coaching Global

Founded  in 2004 by Stakeholder and NLP Leadership Coach, Michael Beale


Michael’s online diary

Address: Executive Coaching Global, Execcoach House, 120 Porthcawl Green, Milton Keynes MK4 3AL, United Kingdom.


Michael Beale

The idea of Executive Coaching Global came to Michael earlier in 2000 when he noticed that some executive and business coaches seemed to produce great results and others didn’t.

The purpose is to take coaches who are already producing great results  and make it easy for them to  develop and refine their skills further.

This in turn enables them to help their their clients more. In 2010 they took a step further by embracing the use of cloud technology through the use of CoachingCloud to enable the coaching process.

Coaching is very much a human to human interaction, however the right technology when used appropriately can make a significant difference to both the effectiveness and efficiency of any coaching intervention.

In addition to their natural coaching skill all members continually develop their skills with top thought leaders across the world. Michael’s specialty is a Marshall Goldsmith Certified leadership and team coach, and Richard Bandler accredited NLP trainer and NLP coach trainer.

As a member of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Michael can introduce you to some of the very best MGSCC coaches worldwide,

All coaches individually have significant business and organizational experience, over 100 hours coaching, our own and accreditation, continual professional development, coaching supervision, professional indemnity insurance and contribute to our expanding library of coaching case studies.

Michael’s online diary