Leadership Coaching for Guaranteed & Measurable Leadership Growth

The Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Leadership Coaching Programme has proven to be highly effective in providing leadership growth in a study of 11,000 leaders and managers worldwide.


We’re so confident of the the results from our leadership coaching that we’re prepared to work on a “No Growth, No Pay” basis for 12 months, subject to the agreed programme process being followed. You only pay us after the 12 months when the leadership improvement has been confirmed, based on a confidential survey with your stakeholders. We can work on individual assignments or put together an international team. Part client list and testimonials.

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 Guaranteed Results

We guarantee measurable leadership growth results throughout the coaching program using Marshall’s confidential Leadership Growth Progress Review (LGPR mini survey).

No Growth – No Pay

At the end of the year-long coaching program your payment is subject to seeing measurable growth in leadership effectiveness.

Highly Effective and Time Efficient

The coaching program is a real-time on-the-job process that makes leadership growth an integral part of the leader’s daily interaction with stakeholders. The whole coaching program is focused on behavioral change to enhance leadership effectiveness. The major challenge faced by executives today is often not their understanding of the practice of leadership, it is practicing their understanding of leadership. This process turns theory into practice and then into results.

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching is proven

Ninety-five per cent of executives who applied MGSCC measurably improved their leadership effectiveness. These results are based on a study of more than 11,000 executives and mid-level managers from multinationals (including GE Capital, Agilent, Intel, Dell, Johnson & Johnson) across various continents, cultures and industries. (To review more detailed results and critical success factors go to Measurable Leadership Growth or download the published article ‘Leadership is a Contact Sport’).

Real Time & On the Job

The leadership coaching program is a structured process that involves the leader and his/her stakeholders (boss, peers and direct reports) and integrates the coaching process into the daily activities of the leader and his/her interactions with the stakeholders at work. As a result, this coaching process creates lasting leadership effectiveness growth and performance improvement on the job.

Where to start

We recommend that each programme has an HR owner and a business sponsor. We recommend an initial 45 minute individual meeting with both of these before moving on to phase 1 and the coachability assessment. After that, we expect formal commitment to the program. For clients that want further support with the decision making process we offer two different Executive Team Workshops:

  • A 2 hour Executive Team Workshop with a senior coach to explain the benefits, process, give the participants some experience, and answer any questions that may arise. The investment is your time and the coach’s travelling expenses.
  • A 4 hour Advanced Executive Team Workshop with a senior practice leader to ‘jump start’ your programme. This has all the features  of the Executive Team Workshop with the added opportunity to quiz one of our most experienced practice managers. .

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“MGSCC helps people to refocus on what is truly important in our lives as leaders and as human beings. Ultimately it is the human spirit that drives change and growth in an organization. Stakeholder Centered Coaching helps us understand how we can nurture that spirit.”

Chuck Presbury, Director, Executive Learning and Development, Pitney Bowes

“While many experts are effective in creating awareness and interest, MGSCC  addresses the topic personal improvement in such a way which kindles the required motivations to drive to action.”

Charles J. Corace, Director, Management Education & Development, Johnson & Johnson  

“I have experienced that the MGSCC program is highly engaging and it teaches practical and actionable ways leaders can get better.”

Jack Stoltzfus, Ph.D., Manager of Talent Development, 3M Company