Coaching Fees. How Much Does Coaching Cost?

We want you to get real value from your coaching. In both financial and personal terms, coaching brings a high return on your investment.

We recognise that the cost of executive coaching is not insignificant, but it needs to be weighed up against what you want to achieve and what that will be worth to you. We will always help clients work through the possible value of any coaching programme before they make the commitment to proceed. We’ve found doing this makes it easier to ensure the programme is set up effectively – which in turn makes it more likely that the anticipated results are achieved or over achieved.

How Much Does Coaching Cost?

All our programmes are focused on what you, specifically want to achieve. All coaching, when properly set up, offers a really high rate of return.

We’re happy to invest our time in helping you decide what you you want to achieve from our programmes and in helping you set them up correctly.

To get the very  best from any of our programmes you need a degree of ambition, openness, discipline and in some cases humility.


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Free Taster (s)

We offer unique telephone and Skype tasters.

The way a programme is set up makes a significant difference to the value achieved. We offer at least two 45 minute free telephone or Skype sessions to help you clarify what you want and determine what would be best approach, whether it’s with us or not. We may be able to help you through any challenges or opportunities as part of our tasters. Subject to diaries and location we’re also happy to meet face to face.

Tasters give you an opportunity to determine if we’re right for you!

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Entrepreneur MasterMind Community

Our 1:1 coaching is aimed at more senior executives and leaders. We’ve started a number of MasterMind communities for those on a  smaller budget who  want to receive the benefit of self-directed professional  coaching. The format can benefit participants at all levels

We offer membership to our Entrepreneur MasterMind Communities to suitable candidates at £60 pa which gives you full access to the site. For £250 pa. we help you think through your end goals and milestones and include a quarterly  ‘check up’. This investment is refunded if you then move up to one of our 1:1 training and coaching programmes.

Additional individual 45 minute Skype sessions can be booked at £75 per session, whenever you need them, and you have the option

Included in your membership is a monthly Google Hangout ‘Feedforward’ session.

We also encourage members to develop their own coaching plan and support each other through ‘feed-forward’ and ‘buddy coaching’ with other members of the MasterMind community. For many clients this is an incredibly effective and efficient way of receiving high quality coaching.

The approach can also  be exceptionally beneficial for work teams or shared interest groups. You may even like to set up your own group.

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1:1 NLP Training and Coaching

We offer certified NLP training and coaching. Programmes normally involve 2 x 2 hour sessions every month over 6 months at £300 or £350 a month depending on the programme. A Practitioner programme is £1800 and a Master Practitioner programme £2100. We also have business NLP and Coach programmes.

You can pay monthly and cancel any programme with one months notice.

Download our NLP training guide from our sister company Business NLP Ltd.

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Senior executive and team coaching and or mentoring programmes

Programmes start at £10K for 6 month programmes

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Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder leadership and team coaching programmes

These start at £25K for a years programmes and include a unique “No Gain, No Pay” guarantee. We only get paid at the end of the year when our client’s stakeholders have confirmed by confidential survey that they have improved in the agreed area (s).

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Bespoke Programmes

Want something special? Ask us to quote

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Coaching changes lives!  If you would like to know more, get in touch, or book one of our free taster sessions  to find out how much of a difference coaching can make.

Start Now! Choose the contact method that works for you:


All EBCN coaches have significant business and organisational knowledge, over 100 hours coaching experience, EBCN and external accreditation, continual professional development, coaching supervision, professional indemnity insurance and contribute to our expanding library of coaching case studies.

Do you want to know more about coaching? Then read the resources section at the end of this page.

How much does coaching cost?

How much does coaching cost?