Stakeholder Centered Coaching® Offers  Guaranteed and Measurable Leadership and Team Growth

We offer Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® face-to-face in the United Kingdom, and over Skype worldwide; and we can introduce you to other top coaches in the UK and worldwide


Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Stakeholder Centered Coaching®

  • Aligns coaching to agreed business outcomes
  • Clear and transparent process
  • Regular progress reviews
  • Clear ROI with “No Growth No Pay Guarantee”
  • Improves leader’s leadership brand

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The best people to coach the leader to improve are his or her stakeholders. However this is unlikely to happen without the right process, coaching, on-going support and follow-up. We provide a proven process, certified coaching, support and the follow up needed to make your programme a success.

We provide the 12 month programme on a no growth, no pay basis. You only pay at the end when you’ve achieved the results agreed at the beginning of the programme.


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Benefits for Leaders

  1. Improvement in the area chosen.
  2. Improved coaching skills.
  3. Ability to learn how to coach oneself.
  4. Improved perception by others, together with own reputation and brand.
  5. Potential career advancement for both the leader and his/her reports.

Benefits for Human Resources

1. A proven and repeatable process. We can coach your people to embed the process in your culture.
2. An effective measurement and feedback process to justify the investment.
3. Personal career advancement.


Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Results from 11,000 business leaders in 6 multinational companies on 4 continents. Source: ‘Leadership is a contact sport’ Strategy & Business September 2004.


Proven Process

We offer a year-long executive leadership programme and we guarantee the results subject to the following process being bought into, understood, and followed.

1. Introduction

Explanation of the process and what’s involved in the programme. Commitment by the leader that he or she understands who and what is involved to ensure genuine change and that he or she is prepared to do what’s required. The process is transparent and time-efficient but it requires a degree of courage, humility and discipline to achieve the best results.

2. Assessments and Behavioural Interviews

In-depth behavioural interviews with the people most important to the leader to determine possible areas for growth and development. These are supplemented with a 360 degree structural assessment (if required).

3. Identification of growth areas

The leader initially picks 1-2 leadership development areas for skill development based upon his or her objectives, experience, and  the results of steps 1 and 2. He or she then identifies the key stakeholders that will help on their journey.

4. Stakeholder briefing

Stakeholders have a key role in the processes. This briefing is to ensure that they understand what’s involved and have the chance to ask questions.

5. Monthly stakeholder input

Stakeholders individually report back on any changes they’ve noticed and offer suggestions for further development. The leader produces a short monthly action plan that is circulated to stakeholders.

6. Leadership growth reviews

At pre-agreed intervals, stakeholders give brief but formal on-line feedback on the specific skill areas. This is collated to maintain confidentiality, and used by the leader, coach and, if appropriate, HR, for future development.

7. Leader as a coach

By the end of the 12 month period, the leader will have developed their own skills in being coached and in coaching. This in turn becomes an enabler for future performance and culture change.


We offer face-to-face and Skype Stakeholder Centered Coaching® programmes in London, Milton Keynes, and Birmingham in the UK and Skype programmes anywhere else in the world.

(Extract with permission from Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching®)

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